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ACT's Year in Review: 2022

2022 has been a great year for us with exits, new investments, and growing portfolio companies which gives us pleasure and empowers our mission to support deep-tech founders. Let's take a look at our journey in 2022!

Highlights from 2022

  • Inofab Health was acquired by Carbon Health
  • ACT’s investments in 2022: Hazy and Ai Build
  • Storyly skyrocketed in 2022
  • Picus Security announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard  
  • Segmentify’s new raise from Esor Investments to fuel their global expansion
  • Eatron Technologies joined TechNation's Upscale 8.0 program
  • Ambeent won ‘Best In-Home Wi-Fi Network’ at WBA 2022 Industry Awards
  • Insights: Synthetic Data and AI Regulation
  • Notable events we participated in 2022

Inofab Health was acquired by Carbon Health

Our portfolio company Inofab Health, offering revolutionary respiratory care solutions for home and professional use, was acquired by Carbon Health, a San Francisco-based healthcare Unicorn, revolutionizing primary care and telemedicine.

A few words about our journey with Inofab Health by our Managing Partner Erhan:
“When we first met with the co-founders Merthan and Kerem in 2016, they presented us with an early prototype of their spirometer and the mobile app. We were impressed by their vision to build a respiratory care platform over their core technologies and the team of six engineers and designers has convinced us to lead the seed round in early 2017. Within a short time frame, the team developed the working prototype with great accuracy, which could replace the complex spirometry experience in clinics with a pocket-size device, mobile app, cloud platform, and new products in the pipeline. This made us continue investing in the company in a later round with higher amounts. In the following years, the team has been very successful in the challenging development and compliance to MDR and CE-mark processes, and quickly gained B2C traction and closed B2B deals with leading healthcare organizations such as ERT, a leader in clinical trials for respiratory drugs. Therefore, Carbon Health’s interest in Sprihome did not come as a surprise”.

As a result of the acquisition, ACT welcomed Carbon Health to its portfolio, which raised $350 Million in the Series D round. We believe that Inofab Health will significantly contribute to the vision of Carbon Health in revolutionizing the healthcare system.

ACT's Investment in Hazy

In June 2022, we invested in Hazy, a London-based UCL spinout generating synthetic data for enterprise data analytics. Hazy aims to help organizations reduce compliance risk and accelerate data innovation by making high-quality synthetic data available. Hazy offers an integrated workflow tool that automatically anonymizes and periodically updates datasets to simplify the management of data privacy and eliminate the reliance on manpower in the process. Use cases for the platform include fraud modeling, financial crime, AML, credit risk, operational risk, asset management, and customer engagement.

ACT's Investment in Ai Build

In April 2022, we co-led the investment in Ai Build, a London-based AI-powered large-scale and robotic 3D printing software developer, in a Seed round of $3.2 million.

The intelligent software platform utilizes advanced geometrical analysis, simulation, real-world data analytics, and AI to automatically adapt and optimize part production in large-format 3D printers and robotic printers. Working with a global network of hardware manufacturers such as Kuka and Weber, Ai Build helps its customers to reduce overall production time by 90% and failed builds by 65%.

Check out our blog post here for more information about Ai Build and our investment perspective.

Storyly skyrocketed in 2022

Storyly is launched by our portfolio company App Samurai as an engagement tool that enables brands to create mobile stories in their own apps and websites. Since its launch in 2020, it has redefined mobile user engagement solutions and has validated its technology with the trust of 350 brands in more than 40 countries. 

In 2022, Storyly introduced Moments—an in-app community engagement solution that enables users to create and share stories instantly in mobile apps. The company also built new integrations with BrazeCleverTap, and MoEngage to deliver user-specific omnichannel campaigns. Mobile users in 169 countries watched Stories created by Storyly 500 Million times in 2022. Storyly also solidified its reputation by winning the “Most Effective App Engagement Platform” at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and receiving eight badges in G2’s Spring 2022 Mobile Marketing Report.

Find the latest news from Storyly from its newsletter here

Picus Security announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard

In May 2022, our portfolio company Picus Security, the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), announced a strategic partnership with Mastercard. As part of the partnership, Mastercard invested in Picus Security and committed to leveraging the technology to help its customers strengthen their cyber resilience, contributing to their product and service offerings. The attack simulation and assessment platform will be offered by Mastercard as part of the Cyber Front threat simulation platform.

Picus Security offers a Complete Security Control Validation Platform that combines attack and defense security approaches. The platform includes thousands of attacks and actionable mitigations that simulate real-world attacks within hours, provide real-time continuous success metrics, and issue vendor-specific recommendations.

Further information about the partnership is available in the press release here.

Segmentify's new raise from Esor Investments to fuel their global expansion

In August 2022, our portfolio company Segmentify received an additional $1M in funding from Esor Investments. Following a strong presence in the UK, Segmentify gained significant traction in Europe. The massive e-commerce market continues its growth with both new opportunities as well as new challenges in customer acquisition, experience, and rising costs. Segmentify helps online retailers face these challenges by offering an AI-powered omnichannel personalization solution that increases sales, boosts customer engagement, and provides better insights for them. The company increases sales volumes by up to 30% and currently serves more than 300 brands in 40 countries. 

You can find further information about the investment here.

Eatron Technologies joined TechNation's Upscale 8.0 program

Our portfolio company Eatron Technologies, an intelligent vehicle software platform, has been accepted to TechNation's Upscale 8.0 program and recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK. Upscale 8.0 program supports the UK’s fastest-growing mid-stage tech companies to overcome common growth challenges and scale faster. Learn more about Eatron Technologies and the Upscale 8.0 program here.

Ambeent won the 'Best In-Home Wi-Fi Network' at WBA 2022 Industry Awards

Our portfolio company Ambeent, a pioneer in network intelligence and management of Wi-Fi and 5G technologies, has won the Best In-Home Wi-Fi Network Award from Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) for its VISIBEEL platform. The VISIBEEL platform helps Millenicom to identify home Wi-Fi blind spots and upsell customers on mesh systems. Learn more about Ambeent and WBA Industry Awards here.

Notable events we participated in 2022

We participated in a number of startup and technology events and met with hundreds of new founders, co-investors, and corporates and our network continued to grow in 2022.

  • North Star is the largest startup event in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, hosting 700+ exhibiting startups, 400+ global investors, and 450+ expert speakers. The 4-day event was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • The EIC Summit is the key European deep-tech innovation event of the year and brought together start-ups, researchers, investors, policy makers, and corporates across Europe.
  • Web Summit is an annual technology conference taking place in Lisbon. It attracts over 1,000 speakers and CEOs as well as more than 70,000 visitors from all over the globe.
  • Tech Tour offers a range of events for emerging technology companies from Europe. We attended its Deep Tech, South East Europe, and Photonics & Electronics summits, where game-changer startups were presented in the fields of Digital/ICT, Fintech, Mobility, Sustainability, Digital Health, and Photonics.