ACT Venture Partners
Responsible Investment Policy

ACT Venture Partners Coöperatief U.A. ("ACT Venture Partners") admires providing capital and support to innovative, diverse, and impactful technology startups that aim to create positive changes in industries, economies, the environment, and society globally. ACT Venture Partners is fully aware that its decisions will have environmental and social impacts and it has a driving role in creating a more diverse and inclusive technology ecosystem. Therefore, Responsible Investment Policy (Policy) is an integral value of ACT Venture Partners in its mission to create long-term value for its investors and portfolio companies.

ACT Venture Partners takes the necessary steps to improve its Policy and closely monitors the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines set forth by the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA), United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Investment Process


ACT Venture Partners believes that taking ESG factors into consideration in the decision-making process not only enables the consideration of principal adverse impacts of investments but also allows the identification of opportunities for achieving a broader impact. Thus, ACT Venture Partners places great emphasis on the compliance of a potential investment with ESG standards and the extent that potential investees contribute to the UN SDGs through their products, services, or operations.

Through the due diligence process, ACT Venture Partners requests and collects relevant information from potential investees about which specific targets under the SDGs they contribute, and how they do that. ACT Venture Partners also seeks evidence of appropriate internal policies, employment, compensation and benefits, environmental issues, insurance, compliance with laws and regulatory matters, and data protection. ACT Venture Partners will also ensure that the labor and working conditions of its employees and investments are assessed against International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions, national legal framework, and international best practices.


ACT Venture Partners monitors its portfolio companies' compliance with international standards and encourages them to adopt a long-term vision that addresses sustainability challenges. ACT Venture Partners also believes diversity and inclusion is a critical success factor for its portfolio companies and takes necessary actions to monitor their progress with regard to this factor. Respectful communication, cooperation, teamwork, representation, and participation in all groups are encouraged. In addition, ACT Venture Partners regularly provides input and advice about new corporate responsibility initiatives and best practices at the board level.